HARM basic sprinter (clio) met abc-Solo-basic :729    euro rijklaar    949  euro
HARM basic Mercedes CLK DTM met abc-Solo-basic  :769    euro rijklaar    989  euro
HARM basic Opel Astra V8 met abc-Solo-basic   :769    euro rijklaar    989  euro
HARM basic Audi TT-R V8 met abc-Solo-basic  :769    euro rijklaar    989  euro
HARM basic BMW M3 GTR met abc-Solo-basic :769    euro rijklaar    989  euro
HARM basic (BX-1) Cross off-road met Zenoah G23rc :749    euro rijklaar    949  euro

Basic Cross
Also the Off-Road version of the Basic line is based on the well known resistant Basic Chassis. The Basic Cross is equiped with the strong 23 ccm Zenoah G23RC engine, big wheels and tyres, polycarbonate car shell, front bumper and wing both made of special plastic. Also the Basic Cross can be upgrated with the existing Basic tuning parts.

Basic Striker
The H.A.R.M.-Basic Striker is equal in every aspect to Rallye and Desert Buggys. The ride height and the rallye tyres guarantee fun and allow to use the car also beside the street. The 23 ccm Solo engine has more than enough power.

Basic Outlaw
The H.A.R.M. - Basic Outlaw Pick-Up fascinates through the visual effect. Due to the huge ride height and the rallye tyres its also possible to use this car beside the street. The Outlaw is based on the long chassis and has a wheelbase of 535 mm.

Basic Sprinter
Due to the short wheel base the H.A.R.M.-Basic Sprinter is extremely manoeuvrable. The adjustability of height and hardness of the chassis makes sure that also a drain cover for example is no obstacle for the Sprinter.

Basic Scale cars
The model cars Basic Mercedes DTM CLK and Basic Opel Astra are equipped with the same bodies as the H.A.R.M. competition cars. The transparent polycarbonate body can be painted in different designs. If you mainly want to use your model car for display purposes the Scale-Line is the right choise for you.

Basic Sport Monster
The Outlaw Monster Truck is already equipped with the most important tuning parts as for example front disk brake, powerful abc-Solo Champion engine and pipe. The chassis has been modified accordingly. Each axle comes stock with 4 friction shocks and the higher body supports have been lengthened in order to obtain a stable chassis. The big tyres with a diameter of 21 cm enable the Outlaw Monster to overcome almost every obstacle.
The Monster is 540 mm wide, 460 mm high and 850 mm long, which causes a stunning appearance!


Basic chassis